Do you find your wardrobe is bulging but you still have nothing to wear?
Do you still have clothes in your wardrobe with labels on it as you’ve
forgotten about it or just have nothing to go with it? Do you get
frustrated you are always wearing the same clothes that only amount to
a fraction of the clothes and accessories you own? Does your wardrobe
reflect your emotional being of needing a refresh?

" Brilliant " 

Suzanne, Investment Banker, London

" I never knew really how to wear my clothes until I met
Hannah, money very well spent indeed "

Shereene, Receptionist, London

Then this service is suited for you! Hannah will come to your home and
after an initial consultation discussing your lifestyle, your shape, style and goals she will work with you to organise your wardrobe, letting go of items to go into consignment or charity leaving you with an organised and tidy wardrobe that works together effortlessly and stylishly!

Hannah will also provide you with a fashion styling session advising you on what items to consider buying and where to buy at your leisure, should you decide to.

" I have so much to wear now, I feel liberated now my wardrobe is in such great shape and I  have a new sense of style. No longer do I take days planning what to wear getting frustrated and stressed then impulse buying, you're right it is easy! I have become such a social bunny now even if I am a grandmother of 3! " 

Catherine, Teacher, London

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